==  Since 2022-06-24 to Fri Jul  1 07:25:29 CEST 2022  ==
project external/hosts/
8465c778 Release 3.10.12
9ff9541a Updates from URLHaus, KADhosts, and Adguard.
c2e98216 Merge pull request #1991 from ahsandar/master
7cecb93c Merge pull request #1 from ahsandar/ahsandar-patch-1
ff07acc6 Update hosts
1a293025 Release 3.10.11
776de547 Updates from URLHaus, KADhosts, and hostsVN.
1ce9ed31 Issue #1987: add analytics.binaryfortress.com.

project frameworks/av/
454d2ae781 libmedia: Add MediaPlayer() function for backward compatibility

project frameworks/native/
739f5dcc76 Don't raise ANR if there is a focused application, but no focused window
262a4921e8 Check for focused window before raising 'no focused window' ANR
4c5fcb5d58 InputDispatcher:do not freeze recent on event from FOD

project hardware/qcom-caf/sm8150/audio/
2886e5449 Add tfa98xx amplifier support

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