==  Since 2021-04-25 to Sun May  2 04:41:49 CEST 2021  ==
project external/hosts/
b7f0f0a8 Release 3.6.9
143761d9 Updates from yoyo.org, URLHaus, digitalside.it, and KADhosts.
4f32220e Merge pull request #1633 from PromoFaux/tweak/readme_template
189e5b05 Dead link - this is no longer an officially endorsed product
037f143f Release 3.6.8
122360c1 Updates from yoyo.org, URLHaus, digitalside.it, KADhosts, and hostsVN.
97766531 Issue #1631: added 4 new domains.
19302c49 Merge pull request #1629 from XhmikosR/patch-1
b8136571 Fix URLHaus/update.json
13f94332 Release 3.6.7
560e40c1 Updates from URLHaus, and KADhost.
8804c324 Issue #1628: fix — re-add URLHaus.
023eb7fa Issue #1628: fix — parse out @ characters from lists.
2b167dcc Better name for is_valid_user_provided_domain_format.
1d515c1d Standardize the exclusionregexs symbol.
f87007cc Release 3.6.6
0a022ab3 Updates from yoyo.org, digitalside.it, KADhosts, and Adguard.
783764d0 Issue #1628: fix — temporarily drop URLHaus due to formatting issues.

project frameworks/av/
b11752329 Revert "audiopolicy: Fixes for internal audio recording"
211d87e38 audioflinger: Fix audio for WifiDisplay
893545997 Remove libmediaextractor dependency from libstagefright_wfd and SurfaceMediaSource_test
ec9312f9a Revert "Move unused classes out of stagefright foundataion"
872288cc4 libstagefright_wfd: video encoder does not actually release MediaBufferBase when done
8da6f678b stagefright: Fix buffer handle retrieval in signalBufferReturned
740267295 stagefright: Fix SurfaceMediaSource getting handle from wrong position issue
3b30a9d55 libstagefright_wfd: libmediaplayer2: compilation fixes
89f9abea8 Revert "stagefright: remove Miracast sender code"
3b2392c3b Revert "Removed unused class and its test"

project frameworks/base/
0cfc43bbeeb Revert "Revert "telephony: URI cannot be created with negative subIds""

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